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The climate in New York


The climate in New York

If you take a look at the world map, you will quickly realize that New York City is located less north than many people think. In fact, the metropolis is on a par with Naples, which at first glance suggests a southern climate. Despite its location, temperature fluctuations in the Big Apple are a bit more extreme in reality. Summer in New York is very warm and humid, with highs around 40 degrees Celsius. The constantly running air conditioners that blow their warm exhaust air into the streets also contribute to the city heat. The humidity, on the other hand, is generally higher than in European latitudes and it often seems as if the air is literally standing in the canyons of the houses. The beginning and end of summer, on the other hand, are pleasantly warm.

Winter in New York is extremely frosty: lots of snow and bone-chilling cold are the norm here, an icy wind sweeps through the street canyons and heavy snowfalls not infrequently cause huge traffic chaos in the city.

Really extreme weather conditions, e.g. hurricanes or tornadoes, as in the southern part of the USA, are rare in New York. The amount of rain and the number of rainy days vary only minimally on average throughout the year, which is why there is no really bad period for a trip. The most frequent rainfall is in the first half of the year, especially in March and April.

However, from May or June at the latest, the rain keeps within limits. There is usually less rain from August to December. On the other hand, the number of sunny hours is naturally the highest from June to August and they immediately make up for even the rainiest days.

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New York Views


New York Views

If you want to see the most dynamic metropolis in the world, then welcome to New York. This beautiful city attracts with its innovations and modernity. It can also be called picturesque. There are many stunning views that are indispensable for real aesthetic pleasure. You may have heard about the famous Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Manhattan Bridge, Liberty Island, and so on.
These places are very popular among locals and tourists. Many people prefer to see New York by ship tour on the Staten Island ferry. Other people want to see the world-famous Manhattan Skyline from the nearest vantage point. In the metropolis there are many other amazing views that will not leave you without emotions. Enjoy aromatic coffee at the rooftop bar and see the best views of your life.

Top Must-See New York City Views

The above describes only a small part of what this place offers.New York is an amazing city that is always on the move. Here, different people, cultures, arts, history, entertainment, and architecture are united. Every person will find something interesting to spend his or her leisure time brightly. Many attractions of this metropolis are known to people around the world. If you are lucky to visit New York City, then it is the top of the most magnificent panoramic views.

Statue of Liberty

Everyone who arrives on the American coast sees this magnificent masterpiece of art that New York received from Gustave Eiffel. The height of the Statue of Liberty is 305 feet and it is over a hundred years old. You can go up to the observation deck and see the incredible views of Brooklyn. The viewpoint is located in the crown and can be reached by a staircase with 154 steps.
You might think that the Statue of Liberty and the huge skyscrapers attract millions of tourists yearly. But views in New York can be studied from different city areas. For example, lower Manhattan and midtown Manhattan are more for the financial district. Not only One World Observatory in One World Trade Center and other scientific facilities are located here; there are many offices of large and medium-sized corporations. Even offices from Long Island City rent premises here because it's a higher reputation for any business.
If you are too lazy to go to the viewpoint of the Statue, then visit its pedestal, from there you can see the harbor and some of the central areas of the city. Liberty Island is unique not only because of the statue; you can also take a walk in the park. Liberty State Park is located very conveniently so that you can go to the island by ferry.

Ellis Island

This is a very important place because more than 12 million immigrants have passed through it. Such a transshipment point became a museum of the period 1982-1924. Here you will find unique stories of people and their ancestors about the complexity of that time. Also among the exhibits of the museum on Ellis Island, there are documents, photographs, and personal belongings of people who went to America in search of a better life. Ellis Island has remained in the memory of many people as a symbol of resilience and fortitude. Many descendants of those strong personalities continue to live in the United States, honoring their memory. Liberty State Park located relatively close between Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

Empire State Building

It is difficult to say what you need to see first: the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. People cross the oceans to see spectacular views from two sites (85 and 102 floors). This building is famous all over the world because the Empire State Building is almost a quarter of a mile high. Some visitors say that if you are lucky and the day is cloudless, you can see Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and even New Jersey.
The Empire State Building also has a small museum that tells the story of the construction of this splendor. In addition to the official name, this masterpiece of architecture also has another name (folk) - America's favorite building. It's true; the Empire State Building can be seen in almost 300 films, including world-famous movie hits (Elf, Sleepless in Seattle, Teleport, King Kong, and others). The amazing height of this building allows you to see it even from the river if you take a boat from the Staten Island ferry.

Central Park

In the center of Manhattan, you will find its "green heart" - the famous New York Central Park. Its area is about 840 acres. Here you will find many interesting things: cafes, rollerdrome, winter skating rink). In addition to the stunning nature, you can walk along the alleys or rest on the lawn. In the park, you can fish, relax with children on special playgrounds and ride a bike along paved paths. Rollers and skateboarders also prefer to ride in Central Park. New York City is very noisy, so you have the opportunity to take a break from its energy and recharge it from nature. The park offers boat rentals to relax on the water.
You will find cozy places to eat delicious hot dogs or ice cream or you can visit a small zoo. Central Park is a unique place that is located among numerous skyscrapers, and this contrast inspires every visitor. Of course, this place is better equipped for recreation than, for example, Gantry Plaza State Park. You won't be able to walk around the whole of Central Park in one day, but take the time to visit this place (especially Belvedere Castle). It is fabulously beautiful in summer and winter and very romantic in spring and autumn. Pass the park and see the famous Columbus Circle.

Hudson Yards

If you have already visited Central Park, then go to the Hudson River. You can walk along the shore or go to the park near the water. This is a unique place in Manhattan that has more exciting activities for kids and adults. Most of the Hudson yards are located on the water, so you can go boating, rent a kayak, and so on. In the green zone, there are golf courses, a cafe, a skate park, and a place for volleyball or tennis. The pier at Hudson yards is covered with grass and is one of the favorite places to jog.

New York Harbor

This place at the mouth of the Hudson River has one of the largest natural harbors in the world. In addition to tourist boats and private yachts, you can see industrial ships and even huge cruise ships. It is an important terminal for passenger and commercial ships in New York. But there are also many places where you can relax on a bench overlooking the city or walk along the alleys with children.

Times Square

Central Park is best visited during the day, but if you like nightlife, you really have to come here. This place in New York is not to be missed. Almost 40 million tourists and residents of the city come here every year. This square attracts people with its stunning night illumination and various celebrations. We can say that Times Square is the pearl of world entertainment. It is worth remembering the annual lowering of the Ball on the eve of the New Year. Here you can shop, sit in a bar or go to a chic restaurant. The peculiarity of this square is also that many celebrities prefer walking there.

The Brooklyn Bridge

This suspension bridge is recognizable by all that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. Its length is about 5990 feet. Every day, almost 123 thousand cars pass there, and more than 4200 pedestrians walk there. You can also ride a bike on the Brooklyn Bridge; there is an equipped area for this. Views of New York City are also available from this bridge; you can see both areas and enjoy the harbor. The pedestrian zone is located above the road for automobiles, so you can safely walk and enjoy the NYC views of this Brooklyn side without fear of your health. Perhaps this is where you want to listen to the famous track of the group A-Ha - Manhattan Skyline.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Near the famous bridge, you will find a cozy and picturesque park. A feature of Brooklyn Bridge Park is a lot of alleys, paths, and hills. You can have a picnic to enjoy the best views in NYC. The park has many cafes, children's entertainment, and great places to take a break from the noise of the metropolis right in the city center. Also, Brooklyn Bridge Park offers many beautiful gardens with gorgeous flowers and plants where you can take a lot of cool photos.

Rockefeller Center

This is a huge complex of 19 buildings where you will not be bored. The center was built by the Rockefeller family and is now home to many companies, including the NBC studio and the Radio City Music Hall. The best time to visit the Rockefeller Center is in winter when everything around is transformed into a festive Christmas style. A large skating rink is set up, and a huge Christmas tree is placed next to it. In one of the buildings on the 70th floor, you can visit the observation deck. This place is unique - there are no tall buildings around, and you can enjoy 360-degree views of New York City.

Manhattan Skyline

It’s not a specific place you should see. These are unique sunsets that you can see only in New York. The Manhattan Skyline is a breathtaking view when the sun goes down below the horizon, and all the skyscrapers line up. There are still a few minutes before complete darkness, when you can admire this incredible view. There are people who cross the ocean just to go to the observation deck and take a couple of photos of the legendary Manhattan Skyline. Of course, the legendary World Trade Center used to be part of this ensemble. But after the September 11 tragedy, only two huge searchlights are visible there.
If you have seen numerous postcards from New York, then it is the Manhattan Skyline that distinguishes this metropolis from others. You will not find another similar order when the sky turns blue, purple, blue, or orange. Such a phenomenon as the Manhattan Skyline is one of the favorites for many artists. Even musical groups describe this kind of nature in their songs. For example, the song Manhattan Skyline by the group A-Ha.

9/11 Memorial (Empty Sky memorial)

After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a memorial was erected there, which is visited by millions of tourists. Locals also often come here to remember this terrible day and honor the memory of the dead. This place is better known as the Empty Sky memorial. There are also people who lost their loved ones, and they go to the memorial to visit them. At night, the World Trade Center is illuminated - two large searchlights go up into the sky to show that both towers are alive in the hearts of New Yorkers and the whole world.

High Line Park

In addition to the central park, you can also visit the High Line. This place is located along the railroad for transport goods to Manhattan. A private community group takes care of the park so that it is a clean and beautiful green area for recreation. Each season pleases with its interesting events, especially the celebration of Halloween. Here people can express their emotions through costumes; you can meet Lady Liberty, Batman, and even young Roosevelt.
In addition to theme parties, High Line Park is the right place to enjoy the starry sky or explore plants and artistic masterpieces. If we compare this with Gantry Plaza State Park, then here is the best landscaping with many equipped trails and alleys. In the park, you can take part in the planting and enjoy objects that are perfectly combined with the mood, style, and character of New York City.

Chrysler Building

This building is one of the most recognizable in New York City. Its height is 282 meters (without a spire) and 319 meters (with a spire). This unique architectural structure has 77 floors and offers the best views in NYC. The Chrysler Building exterior is compared by many people to an inverted swordfish. But there is not a single tourist who would not want to see this miracle of architecture.
The building looks quite futuristic, given its design by William H. Reynolds. Prior to the construction of the Empire State Building, it was the tallest building in New York City. In the 1950s, the Chrysler family sold their rights, and quite a few owners changed here. Now it is one of the most significant sights of the metropolis.
This is only a small part of New York's must-see sights. There are several ways to do this: from a bird's eye view or walking. Many companies offer all kinds of excursions so that you can feel the atmosphere of this magnificent city. In addition to visiting skyscrapers, helicopters, boats, car and bus tours are available for you.

To see New York City views from a helicopter

The most popular solution to see the most outstanding views of New York in a few hours is to book a helicopter tour. Locals rarely book such adventures; they prefer to relax in the parks, sipping a glass of Starbucks. But numerous tourists order a helicopter to see the majestic New York. It is quite affordable because it has a good demand. If walking along the Brooklyn Bridge seems boring, then go to the helipad. Such excursions are carried out by seven companies that offer them at a certain time. Of course, you can go to the vantage point, but such pleasure is significantly different. Here you can see:
- Williamsburg Bridge.
- East River.
- High Line Park.
- Empire State Building.
- Waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park.
- Central Park.
- Time-Warner Building.
- Ellis Island.
- Governors Island.
- The Staten Island ferry.
- Manhattan Skyline views.
- Brooklyn Bridge Park.
- Rockefeller center.
- Hudson river.
- Columbus Circle.
- Statue of Liberty.
- Chrysler Building.

Midtown and lower Manhattan.

New York is a stunning city that attracts the attention of those who love modernity. Here you will find not only majestic skyscrapers, but you can also experience Asian culture in the famous Chinatown. This metropolis has united many peoples, religions, and cultures where everyone feels comfortable. Helicopter flights will allow you to feel the soul of New York City, understand it and fall in love forever. You can enjoy views in New York even without spending money on tours or entrances to observation decks. For example, you don't have to pay to walk the Brooklyn Bridge or take a photo of the stunning NYC Skyline from the waterfront.

Views of New York City from skyscrapers

If you dreamed of seeing New York from above, then the best solution is to visit a skyscraper. The city offers tourists and locals the possibility to see its magnificent best views in NYC from the observation decks. Many of them are free and available at certain hours; most are paid, and tourists buy tickets in advance. Usually, the price goes from 45-95 dollars. It will be a spectacular sight, and you can be sure that it is absolutely safe. Almost all of them are located on the top floors of famous skyscrapers, so you can walk around the site, relax on a bench or drink coffee in a rooftop bar.
Some tours of New York include a visit to the observation deck and some of these skyscrapers you can visit on your own. Many skyscrapers have restaurants on the top floors. Usually, they are rented for conferences, anniversaries or weddings but you can also book a table like this. It has not only unique NYC views but also a delicious, varied menu (like the Rainbow Room).

Empire State Building

Visiting this building is the dream of many people. Here you will find two observation decks: on the 86th and 102nd floors. Of course, you will have to endure long lines, but such difficulties will be justified. You will be able to see New York from the tallest building in the metropolis. It won't be difficult for you to find this place from anywhere in the city, go to midtown Manhattan. Viewpoints are open all year round; tickets are sold online. There are several types of tickets where admission to a small museum is included in the price. You can purchase an express ticket, and its advantage is to avoid queues. Such tickets are sold only on the official website.

Rockefeller Center

Here you can see New York with a 360-degree view. Every corner of Manhattan is open to you. The entrance to the observation deck is located on the other side of the building; there is an inscription there. The first elevator leaves at 10 am, and the view space is opened until 10 pm. Playgrounds are available on the 67th, 69th, and 70th floors. Upon entering the building, you will see a small exhibition that tells the story of the Rockefeller family and the construction of the building complex. On the 65th floor of Rockefeller Plaza there is a luxurious Rainbow Room restaurant. Buy a ticket and stay at the observation decks for an unlimited time (lift with an elevator and escalators can take from 50 minutes to two hours).

Edge Hudson Yards

The highest outdoor sky deck in New York City is located here. This is the highest observation place in the entire Western Hemisphere. Go to the 100th floor of this stunning complex for an outdoor view of New York or eat at the rooftop bar. You will see the Goodson River, bays, bridges, and skyscrapers. The period of stay at the top of the skyscraper is limited; you take a ticket for a specific date and time.
If you are lucky with the weather, it is better to come in the evening when the city turns into sunset colors, and you can see the Manhattan Skyline. There are three types of tickets: site visit, site + a glass of champagne, site + champagne + photo album. In the building, you can visit amazing exhibitions with installations. These are light and audio effects, illusions, and other super-technological achievements of our time.


This observation deck is unique because a glass elevator will take you upstairs. There are several places where you can see the beauties of the city. They are located on the 91st, 92nd, and 93rd floors. Each floor has a certain futuristic installation that surprises no less than the views of New York. Visitors buy tickets online and simply show them on their phones. It is important to know that each ticket is tied to a specific date and time of visit. There are three types of tickets - visiting the observation deck, platform + glass elevator, platform + elevator + cocktail.

One World Observatory (in the One World Trade Center)

This is an incredible observation deck on the 102nd floor. You will not only see the splendor of New York, but you will be able to visit various halls with fantastic installations. Don't forget to step on the glass floor to see the city from a height of 400 meters. You may also be interested in the City Pulse installation to find out more details about the city and this building. In good sunny weather, you can see New Jersey City or even Long Island City. This world observatory is open until late at night, so here you can see amazing sunsets and take breathtaking photos in Manhattan Skyline style. There are exclusive tickets where you get a tablet with a video guide on the English floor. A simple ticket is an access to the observation deck given a specific time.
You can also visit the famous Staten Island ferry, which has served hundreds of ships ever since. This place works only with passenger traffic, so you can easily find the right route to see the stunning views of New York City from the water. But skyscrapers will give you a completely different feeling than a ferry or a helicopter. Of course, all types are ideal for seeing the beauties of New York but standing on a tall building is even more impressive. This feeling of freedom will remain in your memory forever. All viewing platforms are equipped with high-quality binoculars so that you can see certain objects in more detail. Of course, many people are attracted to observation decks to see the legendary Manhattan Skyline views.
People hope to see more beauty at the observation decks than just the Statue of Liberty or the Manhattan Bridge. Tourists and locals come here for inspiration and true joy. Go to a height of more than 100 floors and enjoy the following views of New York by drinking a coffee in the rooftop bar or walking along the deck:
- Hudson River.
- Central Park.
- Lower Manhattan.
- Liberty State park.
- Manhattan Skyline.
- East river (Roosevelt Island).
- Pre-sunset views of New York.
- Jersey City (with good weather).
- Gantry Plaza State Park.
- Tudor City Bridge.
- Belvedere castle in Central Park.
- Panoramic views of Warner Building.

Locals also like to visit skyscrapers, but this entertainment attracts tourists more. The breathtaking NYC Skyline is a special phenomenon when the city becomes incredible and futuristic. And many people want to "catch" it with their camera. New York City is a unique place where you can realize your dreams, be inspired by its views, and go to achieve your goals.
If you have little time, then visiting at least one skyscraper is a must. Contact the company or tour operator if you want a helicopter ride. New York City and its views are accessible not only from the height of skyscrapers; find a specific pedestrian walkway and see the metropolis in more detail. This place is also amazing from below if you walk along its streets and parks. You can find incredible views if you know where to go.

Walking tour of New York

Helicopter ride is an amazing experience, and the tops of skyscrapers will also give you many impressions, but to get to know New York better you should walk along its streets. Many views of New York are accessible from the height of skyscrapers, but some places can be seen in the city, for example, the Metropolitan museum. You can order a New York City itinerary or think it over yourself. Many people will help you or just take a map. This huge metropolis has a good transport system so you can quickly get from one place to another.
If you have already visited skyscrapers with observation decks and rooftop bars, it's time to go for a walk or book a tour. If you plan to visit the New York City Metropolitan museum, go to the Cantor Roof Garden bar, where delicious tuna salads are cooked. Stunning NYC views open from the famous cable car - Roosevelt Island tram. Traveling before sunset, cross the East River and enjoy the incredible New York City Skyline from above.
On bridges or in parks, use the pedestrian walkway to be safe. Suppose you prefer a walk instead of rooftop bars. In that case, you will also see Lady Liberty, Governors Island, Brooklyn Heights promenade, Roosevelt Island, World Observatory, Manhattan Bridge, Columbus Circle (near Time Warner Building), and Brooklyn Bridge. Many sightseeing buses, cars, and boats offer you the best panoramic views.
Walk and enjoy the surrounding beauty
For lovers of romance, there is a great solution - walking along the Manhattan Bridge, Liberty State park, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights promenade, and numerous walking paths along the East River. Many tourists prefer parks, islands, and squares to wait for sunset and take pictures of the best views in NYC. It's not only majestic skyscrapers and the bustle of a huge metropolis; it's also an incredible New York City Skyline.
It is better to go to the islands, parks, or the East River for picturesque views in New York. The city is equally beautiful from all sides, there are observation platforms on the dams where you can watch the city’s life, even from the Staten Island borough. A certain category of people dream of seeing incredible views in New York, but they are afraid of heights. Even the Roosevelt Island tram seems scary and dangerous for them. To enjoy the New York Skyline, observation platforms in parks that are located on the hills.
The East River is very interesting, especially if you like the history of shipbuilding and exploring shipyards, docks, and harbors. Some people find a special beauty in this place and say that the best views in NYC are the backdrop of ships, yachts, and cargo barges that pass through the Brooklyn Bridge. Lower Manhattan is perfect for lovers of luxury because there are elite areas of Greenwich Village, Soho, and Tribeca. Almost all tourists dream of taking a walk along the East River embankment to take pictures of the New York Skyline. It is from this angle that you will see Lower Manhattan again.


New York City has always been attracted by its scale, innovations, and high skyscrapers. There is an atmosphere of modernity that does not forget about its origins. Nature is combined with modern buildings and creates contrasting ensembles. The Statue of Liberty isn't the only New York City attraction you should see. You can even enjoy free panoramic views in New York; go to the Staten Island ferry. Brooklyn Bridge is an amazing place for a pleasant walk, and the Roosevelt Island tram shows this perfectly from the outside. If you don't want to look at the financial district of New York City, then it's better to go to Liberty State Park or organize a water trip to Governors Island. The One World Trade Center will be hard to see behind the tall skyscrapers - you can get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty and enjoy other breathtaking views in New York City.

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